Permit Expediting

A rubber stamp is being used to seal an approved document.


Below you will find a short list of the permits we process. If you don’t find what you’re looking for contact us. We offer many other construction related services including construction plan review, land use planning, stormwater/grading submittals, and city board representation. 

Why Choose Us?

We work with everyone! From architects to contractors to residential home owners. No project is to big or to small! Our professional service will astound you. You will be amazed at how fast and efficient we are! There will never be a need to track us down, we will always update you with the status of your permits. Best of all, we are well connected with building departments staff to get your permit fast.

What We Do

Hate wasting time driving to government offices to apply for building permits? We are here to help! Our company strives to make your building projects easier! Whether the project(s) are residential or commercial, we offer a variety of services tailored to fit your needs. You can count on us for fast and efficient building permit expediting services.

Working Together

We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes the organization and coordination of all construction documents, permit applications and fees. We follow up with all agencies to confirm project approval or the need for revision/response/and resubmittal. Unlike most permit expediting services, we can also represent you at City Council, Planning Commission, and Zoning Appeals meetings.


A large modern house with a driveway and a lot of trees.

Adding on to or updating your home? We’re here to help! We work with you to gather all necessary information needed for a permit. We then apply for your permit(s) on your behalf and bring your permits to you when the project is approved.


A view of some skyscrapers from below the sky.

Our commercial projects are always kept on schedule. Whether you’re an architect, builder, designer, or business owner our technology and equipment will make sure your information and documents are submitted correctly the first time, keeping your project(s) on schedule.


A hospital room with a table and some lights

Healthcare permits are one of our most requested permits right now. Since there are so many local and federal requirements, many expediting firms steer clear of healthcare projects. Not us, we will jump right in a get your permit approved fast.


A rendering of the exterior of an industrial building.

When companies are ready to build, they want their factories and other facilities up and running as soon as possible. NO company wants to get tripped up from the start; that’s where we come in. We get results.


A cell phone tower with many antennas on top of it.

We obtain all government required permits for your telecommunication projects: site modifications, new site modifications, 5G installations, Dish or IDAS systems, small cell, and more.


A large billboard with a sky background

Many people don’t know that they need a permit for sign installation. Fees for unpermitted signs can run into thousands of dollars. Our permit expediting service will help you obtain your sign permits without needless dalays.

Submit Plans

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Never Leave Your Home or Office!

Hate standing in long lines waiting to obtain a building permit? Do you get frustrated trying to input data into a city’s online permit system? Well, never again! Today, you can experience the simplicity of working with a permit expediting service that knows the ins and outs of the permit application process. We even know the gatekeepers that regulate the flow of a permit through a city’s permit system. Give us a call, tell us about your project, upload plans into our secure portal, and boom! That’s it! We take care of the details! Well, except for paying us…we can’t do that part, but we will take your payment through our encrypted payment portal