Building and Life Safety Plan Review

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What is Plan Review?

A plan review or "plan check" is a process where we review the work of a design professional (architect, engineer, etc.) to ensure that a project is being built in compliance with all adopted codes and ordinances of a specific jurisdiction.

When a designer or contractor asks us to review plans on behalf of a jurisdiction, we are known as a 3rd party plan review contractor. As a 3rd party service, we review plans until all adopted codes are met and then provide a "final" set to the jurisdiction so the building permit can be issued.

We require plans to be submitted to our company electronically through our plan review portal. Once we receive the electronic plan set, we will invoice the client for the plan review fee. Once the fee is received, we will complete our review and issue a comment (correction) letter (if needed) to the permit applicant.

Plan Review Portal

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